Teo Nie Ching

Deputy Minister of Communications and Digital, Malaysia

Initially training as a lawyer, Teo Nie Ching was elected as the Member of Parliament for Serdang, Selangor in the March 2008 Malaysian General Election. She was the youngest MP of the house at the time.

Re-elected as Member of Parliament for Kulai, Johor in 2013 and 2018, she was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Education in July 2018 and served until the Government collapsed in February 2020.

Contested for fourth term in 2022 and successfully defended the Parliamentary seat for Kulai, Johor. Appointed as Deputy Minister of Communications and Digital in December 2022.

She is currently a member of Democratic Action Party (DAP) Central Executive Committee, serving as its National Publicity Secretary, as well as being the National Deputy Chairperson of DAP Women and the Deputy Chairperson of DAP Johor State Committee

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