AI is coming – here is how radio stations are using it around the globe

The introduction of AI tools are exploding with the global digital giants all releasing their version of Artificial Intelligence tools (AI). There is no doubt that this will have an impact on all businesses, including radio and podcasting.

AI is already impacting the audio & radio business. Very soon it will transform every part of the business, both on- and off-the-air, including programming, production, sales, marketing and distribution.

At Radiodays Asia, we will have the latest updates on what AI tools are available and the exploration of “synthetic media”. Even more important, we will be able give a unique overview of experiences from broadcasters across the globe sharing what they are currently doing with AI, what they have implemented already and what they are planning to do with AI in the next 12 months.

Rogers Sports and Media in Canada are at the forefront of exploring the practical use of AI today (Chat GPT). At Radiodays Asia, Paul Kaye from Rogers in Canada and Francis Currie from the UK will share some of the experiments, learnings & successes of applying AI technology to real-world radio and audio today.

Another perspective comes from Germany. Christian Schalt (Chief Digital Officer at RTL) who works with
another set of AI providers and has insights in what capabilities we can is expect to see in the near future. He will reveal what’s coming next in AI, how broadcasters can leverage AI in all areas of their business, and the risks associated with this rapidly developing technology.

Finally, we will hear cases from across Asia sharing their current experiments with AI in radio and podcasting. What are broadcasters experimenting with in India, Japan and China? With this global perspective, this will be a ground breaking experience for everyone at Radiodays Asia to get ahead of
the game and understand how AI is being used by radio stations and audio companies, what to expect and what the latest trends are.

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