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 The full programme for Radiodays Asia is coming soon but if you can’t wait you’ll find more details of speakers and sessions have been released today. Find your topic AI, Fake news, Building your brand, Revenue & Advertising, measurement, research, radio in the car and much, much more… Tuesday 27 August Day 1 – morning, plenary Radiodays Asia 2019 – opening session: Meet the Future of Radio and Audio Welcome to Kuala Lumpur and the inaugural Radiodays Asia! What are the big themes for radio and audio right now? How is the media industry changing?  What are the new challenges and the latest innovations in radio and audio in 2019? A fast paced first session, with a number of strategic keynotes, interviews and surprises! Opening keynotes from leading broadcaster executives Keynotes and welcoming addresses from radio executives from India, Malaysia, Korea and Australia. Malaysian viewpoint – the future of media Ministry address by the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, Malaysia Technology and disruption: How the world will be listening in the future James Cridland (Radio Futurologist, Australia) Artificial Intelligence, big data, self-driving cars, 5G, programmatic advertising… the future of radio and audio can be troubling. It’s evolving fast, and it’s not waiting for anyone! A thought provoking session about the digital disruption and its impact on audiences and broadcasters. Innovation for public engagement and trust Haida Baba Zain (Manager of Traxx FM, RTM, Malaysia), Archana Kapoor (Radio Mewat and Radio Festival India, India), Mark Cummins (Content Manager, SBS Audio and Languages, Australia), Kristian Porter (Public Media Alliance, UK) Trust is a vital asset for radio stations, especially during times of election. But with disinformation, media capture and global digital giants on the rise, how do radio stations ensure audience reach, maintain trust and best engage listeners? This session will explore examples from across the Asia-Pacific region. Sound is your brand Ralph van Dijk (Founder and Creative Director, Eardrum, Australia) What does your brand sound like? The development of voice technology and smart speakers has focused the attention on the sound of brands rather than the visual. The necessity to develop strong sonic branding is becoming increasingly important but what is sonic branding, how does it work and how can it help brands to better sell themselves to radio audiences. Tuesday 27 August Day 1 – afternoon, Track 1 Visioning an audio player for the future Cath Dwyer (Acting Head, Distribution, Entertainment and Specialist, ABC Australia, Michael Hill (Managing Director, Radioplayer Worldwide, UK) In this session we will hear about three strategic innovations in moving the audio content to consumers´ mobile phones, smart speakers and connected cars.  Radioplayer is a collaborative effort by the joint radio industry in over ten countries across the world, while ABC Australia has its own ABC Listen app. Google: News on the Assistant and Google Podcast Brenda Salinas (News on the Assistant, Google, USA), Steve Henn (Content Lead for News on the Assistant, Google, USA) How can radio stations leverage their existing content to capture the new audience that listens to audio via smart speakers? In this session, Google will talk about what the radio of the future will look like and how radio newsrooms can best position themselves in this new ecosystem. It will also address how you can use Google’s podcast platform to reach audiences with your podcasts. Talk to your speaker – voice controlled audio Jaime Chaux (Head of Digital, Commercial Radio Australia) and others Smart speakers are now spreading into new markets and in more languages, having more skills and with a multitude of devices and brands. It puts audio at the center stage and voice control is replacing screens. Everything you need to know about voice and the latest developments from all the players, industry and broadcasters. Strategy, key learnings and feedback to help you design your future in a voice controlled world. Beyond AM and FM – the new normal FM radio is the most popular in the world, but radio has never been more multiplatform, available in more different ways than ever before. In this session, learn about the possibilities of 5G broadcasting, an update on DAB+ and DRM, and other ways to reach your audience. Understanding changes in in-vehicle listening Roger Lancetot (Director Automotive Connected Mobility, Strategy Analytics, USA), Michael Hill (Managing Director, Radioplayer Worldwide, UK) An overview of the evolving automotive cockpit globally and locally with a focus on changing listener preferences and related enabling technologies including connectivity, in-vehicle sensors, the integration of digital assistants and increasingly powerful infotainment systems.  Will look at what auto makers and their suppliers are thinking and what that all means for broadcasters. Tuesday 27 August Day 1 – afternoon, Track 2 With your favourite song a click away, how important is music to radio? Paul Amos (Managing Director, Xtra Insights, Australia) How far has streaming music consumption changed the landscape in different markets? What is the view and strategy adopted by radio stations, and are there patterns in the changes of what´s been put on air, music/talk ratio, music formats, music curating, more content/context? A new customized study for Radiodays Asia looks into the trends in Asia and Australia. Hit Music: K-pop – the success story and current trends The Korean K-pop is a huge international success and is still growing across the world. We will hear from a Korean K-pop radio host the story behind the success and current trends. Reload your brand: Virgin Radio case Mike Cass (Content Director, Virgin Radio, UK) Chris Evans is the most famous Breakfast Show host in the UK and his unexpected announcement that he was leaving the UK’s biggest Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 to re-join Virgin Radio, sent shockwaves through the UK radio industry. The Content Director for Virgin Radio UK will take us through the process behind poaching a competitor´s ‘radio star’, the planning behind launching a new high-profile show as part of a bigger strategy to refresh the station – and the effects of his move. 5 cases – the diversity of radio 5 successful and innovative radio formats/programmes from 5 different countries tell the stories behind their success. India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore. Building communities around your brand with social media Using social media to expand your brand´s reach and to connect with your audiences is a must for many radio stations. We will learn from cases around the region. —  — —  end of conference day 1.  Evening networking event. Wednesday 28 August Day 2 – morning, Track 1 How to fight fake news – a threat to the open conversation With social media comes also the threat of false news spreading quickly. How do you, as a broadcaster, combat fake news in the most effective way and not ride along on a wave of un-checked “breaking news” stories? We will hear from broadcasters  in some countries that recently have experienced elections and crises and how they handled it. Worldwide podcasting health check James Cridland (Editor,, Australia), Cath Dwyer (Acting Head, Distribution, ABC Australia), Mitch Secrett   Who is listening to podcasting? How are they consuming them, and what are they consuming? What strategies are best for radio networks? How different are podcasts to radio programmes? From Bollywood to Podcasting – Kalki Podcast: My Indian Life Richard Knight (Producer, BBC World Service) The Bollywood actress Kalki Koechin is the host on one of India´s first podcast successes, produced by BBC World Service in India. With millions of followers, Kalki´s “My Indian Life” examines ordinary people´s lives and discuss many controversial topics. China: Podcast tells the human stories Kou Ai Zhe (Podcaster, China) Story FM in Beijing has 550 000 followers and has produced more than 200 podcast stories. Focusing on ordinary peoples’ lives and their views, including difficulties and marginalized people, the podcast tells stories that might not be told by traditional media. Successful pitching: How to be winner in the contest of ideas Tony Rasmussen (Senior Lecturer, AFTRS, Australia) Radio and podcasting lives and breathes ideas. So how do you successfully shape and pitch yours? In this session we’ll cover “little p” pitching – attending your editorial meeting and successfully selling story ideas daily, through to “Big P” pitching – how to secure the funding vital for the next big thing on air or online. Insights from commercial radio in Europe Staffan Rosell (CEO, Bauer Media Group, Sweden) Bauer Radio is the largest radio group in Europe, with stations in the UK, the Nordic countries and elsewhere. As a leading commercial radio group, what are the strategies for the future, meeting the current challenges for broadcast radio? What formats and brand extensions are developed, what´s the app and online strategy and what´s the role of podcasting? What´s the story behind the growth of radio´s share of adverstising in Sweden and elsewhere? Wednesday 28 August Day 2 – morning Track 2 Other people’s money: helping radio take a bigger bite Mark Barber MBE (Planning Director, Radiocentre, UK) Radio has historically been used by advertisers predominantly as a tactical medium – getting promotional messages to air quickly and efficiently – but remains underused as a brand-building medium. This presentation explores data from the UK IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) underpinned by findings from Radiocentre’s research portfolio to help radio owners make the case to advertisers to use radio to build their brand in addition to driving short-term metrics, expanding use cases and opening up new revenue opportunities. Forget your head, aim for the heart: emotions and advertising success Matt Dickson (National Head of creativity, the Studio at SCA, Australia) Award winning audio creative Matt Dickson talks about human behavior, the irrationality of many decisions we make, and how creativity plays a part. Many of the most successful advertising campaigns from around the world appeal to us emotionally, not rationally. New revenue: expanding your brand When is a radio station not just a radio station? This session explores the success radio stations have had when they’ve pushed the boundaries of what a traditional radio station is. Engaging small business partners Ali Abhari (Executive Chairman, Karnaval Media Group, Turkey) Karnaval Media Group, Turkey, has historically relied almost entirely on major national advertisers for its ad revenues.  However, in 2018 Karnaval launched “Karnaval Business Partners”, aimed to make radio advertising accessible and understandable by small business owners —  simplified packages, provided copywriting and production services and even celebrity voices. The future of audio advertising Stas Tushinskiy (CEO, Instreamatic, USA), Benjamin Masse (Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy, Triton Digital, USA), Kasper Wandi (Founder and CEO, Consider iProspect, Malaysia) Traditional 30-second spots or sponsorship are an important part of radio’s business, but where is the future going? We hear from new technology, advertising agencies, and radio stations on how advertisers have more choice than ever before. Radio measurement and cross media planning Alberto Dal Sasso (Head of Radio Audience Measurement, Nielsen. Italy), Chong Moon YEE ( Executive Director, Client Service, Nielsen Singapore) How radio measurement has evolved over the years to its current global gold standard and its prominent place in today’s cross media planning. Special focus is on Media Impact in Singapore, a unique and purpose built platform that brings together all media measurement into a fused environment for the purpose of cross media planning and how radio performs/shines in a marketing mix campaign. Wednesday 28 August Day 2 – afternoon, plenary Stars on stage: Behind the scenes of breakfast show successes Breakfast show teams from Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Breakfast shows on broadcast radio is still prime time and defines listening for the whole day. In this session three successful Asian morning shows will reveal their receipts for success and we will meet their morning host stars from three metropolitan markets. Radio around the world panel A unique panel with leading broadcasters from 5 continents giving an overview of worldwide trends in radio and audio. 25 ideas in 30 minutes A packed session full of ideas. A collection of great speakers from across the conference will provide plenty of quick-fire and practical ideas, meaning you’ll go away from this session  brimming with thoughts and inspiration to bring back to your radio station! Finale Wrap up, final comments and good bye. For more information & to register go to –    

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