Ex-minister switches 180 degrees and becomes iconic radio host and podcaster

From Malaysia we will hear the unusual and disruptive story about how the 3 times minister Khairy Jamaluddin, often referred to as “KJ”, became a radio icon and number one podcaster in the country.

KJ is known for his outgoing personality and has been active also outside politics as a public speaker and commentator. After leaving his assignment as health minister, he was approached by Prima Media, who in a bold move publicly invited him to get on the radio instead – “be our DJ!”.

The fact that KL accepted the invitation, and actually got on the radio as breakfast DJ on Hot FM, got a lot of publicity, nationwide but also internationally. The publicity was used wisely by Media Prima, and you will be able to hear all about that story from the Media Prima audio CEO, Nazri Noran at Radiodays Asia.

The unexpected and unique move created “talkability” and the station was able to increase listener engagement, ratings and audience participation.

Together with Johan, Fara Fauzana and AG, KJ is fronting Hot FM’s breakfast show, Bekpes Hot on radio.

Earlier this year, KJ also launched his own podcast show, Keluar Sekejap, where he extensively discusses Malaysian politics and global affairs. The podcast show immediately trended and now has become the number one podcast show in Malaysia.

The ex-minister, and now successful radio host and podcaster, KJ is coming to Radiodays Asia to speak about his experience hosting radio and podcasting. A 180 degree shift. An interesting and different perspective on our business and how do produce interesting content as well as the marketing story behind the success.

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