Free podcast workshop for attendees

Brought to you as part of the Public Media Alliance partnership at Radiodays Asia 2023

Attendees to Radiodays Asia 2023 can join a free workshop on Monday 4th September: How to design and plan your podcast by using the MethodKit for Podcasts. A workshop with DW Akademie and Public Media Alliance.

Whether you’re an audio pro or just starting out, the MethodKit for Podcasts developed by DW Akademie and MethodKit can be used across every aspect of your podcast — from development to production to distribution to marketing or from audience growth to content ideation and more.

In this session, you’ll learn how to use this new analogue and digital tool, as well as find out more about its development and how it’s being used globally. Furthermore, you’ll discuss about the value of podcasts in times of crises and how podcasts can complement breaking news.

The MethodKit for Podcasts was developed in collaboration with leading podcast experts from around the world and includes 61 cards designed to help you and your team discuss, map, plan, ideate & prioritise your podcast journey. The kit has been translated into 28 languages.

Bring your podcast ideas to the workshop, learn how to use new tools, and become part of DW Akademie’s global PodasTraining community.

All the details, including how to book, will be released shortly.

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