From Radio to Digital Entertainment

Udit Tyagi, Chief Digital Officer, Entertainment network/Radio Mirchi, India spoke today about radio and the move to digital audio in India.  In a country of 1.4 billion plus people Mirchi has 75 stations across the country. People say that radio is dying but we don’t believe so, we think radio is growing at a fast pace. Digital is growing at a fast pace and as Mirchi moves more into the digital space revenue in the past couple of months has been on par with pre-pandemic figures and the trans-media approach helps with revenue. We believe that 1. Digital works on innovation, and 2. Technology is forever evolving, as long as your asset is digitised then you can embark on any evolution. Mirchi is India’s best storytelling app and the Indian local audience is very story-driven. It isn’t just a place for live stories and audio, the app is a destination for entertainment and lifestyle and Mirchi fills a void in the Indian digital audio sales ecosystem. This session was a fantastic look at what a station can do in a time of incredible change.

Photo by Fringer Cat on Unsplash

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