Highlights from 2022: ABC Innovation Lab shared insight into engaging younger audiences

As we are getting closer to Radiodays Asia 2023, we look back at some of the highlights from last year.

One speaker in 2022 was Anna Dixon who shared results of some of the research that the ABC Innovation Lab has undertaken to understand how to better engage younger audiences.

Findings included that teens and tweens care more about the content than the publisher. They rely on the algorithms of their social media feeds to give them the content they like, and this means they are less likely to undertake their own discovery for new content.

It also means that if content providers are not already in their feeds, they are unlikely to get there.

Radiodays Asia 2023 will be looking at how to appeal to all kinds of audiences, creating innovative and engaging content and the technological advancements to help creators. Book now to meet some of the brightest and most innovative broadcasters and podcasters in Asia and beyond, to make new friends and widen your horizons.

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