Hitting the big time – Kou Aizhe, Gushi FM, China announced as a speaker

Radiodays Asia the NEW conference for Asia, 27-28 August 2019, KL, Malaysia is pleased to announce as  a speaker Kou Aizhe, Guishi FM. This week Kou Aizhe was featured in the New York Times. It was an article about his podcast ‘Gushi FM’ or Story FM to give it it’s English name. Inspired by ‘This American Life’ it tells the stories of ordinary people living in China today.  To say that this podcast is ground breaking is true and false at the same time, the format isn’t anything new in podcasting at this time and the subject has been covered many times now, but it’s where and who the podcast is covering that makes it ground breaking. The Chinese goverment still has control over much of the media within the country especially radio. To have an independant person talking to everyday people and being listened to by these same people really is something special.  As the NYT says “What emerges is a collection of unusual stories told with an authenticity rarely heard in the country’s tightly scripted, propaganda-heavy state-run media”. The episodes are only in Chinese but their content is a very real look at the stories of China today and as a glimpse into a population that is still very much hidden from the rest of the world are thrilling.  “In a country of more than one billion people, the program attracts nearly 600,000 listeners and counting. Each month, the program gains about 35,000 new listeners, according to Mr. Kou”, is also the amazing figures that the NYT article uses to demonstrate how this is the fastest growing podcast in a new market for the platform.  To hear the full story of how a little bit of inspiration, a lot of hard work and the same measure of talent is making Kou Aizhe a hot property in the Chinese world of Podcasting hear him at Radiodays Asia, 27 – 28 August 2019 – Register Now.  You can read the full New York Times article here.    放光亚洲新亚洲会议, 2019年8月27-28日, 马来西亚吉隆坡, 高兴地宣布作为发言人郭爱哲, 贵石调频台。本周, 库艾哲在《纽约时报》上亮相。这是一篇关于他的播客《古什 FM 》或《故事 FM 》的文章, 给它起了英文名字。在《这个美国生活》的启发下, 它讲述了今天生活在中国的普通人的故事。 Radiodays Asia persidangan baru Asia, 27-28 Ogos 2019, KL, Malaysia adalah sukacita dimaklumkan sebagai penceramah Kou Aizhe, Guishi FM. Minggu ini Kou Aizhe dipaparkan dalam the New York Times. Ia adalah sebuah artikel mengenai beliau podcast ‘Gushi FM’ atau cerita FM untuk memberikannya nama Bahasa Inggeris itu. Diilhamkan oleh ‘Ini hidup di Amerika’ ia menceritakan cerita-cerita rakyat biasa yang tinggal di China semalam.  Radiodays Châu á hội nghị mới cho Châu á, 27-28 tháng tám 2019, KL, Malaysia vui mừng thông báo như là một loa Kou Aizhe, Guishi FM. Tuần này Kou Aizhe đã được giới thiệu trong New York Times. Đó là một bài viết về podcast của ông Gushi FM ‘ hoặc câu chuyện FM để cung cấp cho nó tên tiếng Anh của nó. Lấy cảm hứng từ ‘ this American Life ‘ nó kể những câu chuyện của những người bình thường sống ở Trung Quốc ngày hôm nay.  रेडियोदिन एशिया, 27-28 अगस्त २०१९, केरल, मलेशिया के लिए नए संमेलन में एक वक्ता Kou Aizhe, Guishi एफएम के रूप में घोषणा की कृपा है । इस सप्ताह Kou Aizhe ंयूयॉर्क टाइंस में चित्रित किया गया था । यह अपने पॉडकास्ट ‘ Gushi एफएम ‘ या कहानी एफएम के बारे में यह अंग्रेजी नाम है देने के लिए एक लेख था । ‘ यह अमेरिकी जीवन ‘ से प्रेरित यह आज चीन में रहने वाले आम लोगों की कहानियों को बताता है । 

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