How do you get the best out of your talent from a Content Director

Amanda Lee, Content Direct talks about the marriage between Content Directors and Talent. The strongest bond with your talent takes work to be strong, functional and enjoyable. You need a strong foundation for your marriage Trust, Respect and Understanding – the biggest game changer is to spend time with the team and individually. All of your team have different motivations, but you need to know what these are to bring out their best. “I listen” it’s powerful and at the end of the day it’s always about how to bring the team together to win. Communication is key, looking at the goals, music strategy, client and business strategies, tactics you need to engage your team in all areas. Collaborating on ideas for clients is hugely important for success. There needs to compromise in all relationships, talent always has big ideas you have to work with talent, develop the ideas and find creative ways to pull off these ideas with a lot of compromise. Feedback is very much part of the relationships, this can be difficult, but you have to do this as a team and as individually. You have to practise feedback, regularly, positive reinforcement, timing is everything and listening is the most important thing you can do.   Cheerleading is also a part of this process, ‘we are one team’ – the Content Director has to be part all parts of the process. Fun is also part of keeping the team going in hard times. You have to be there for your team in many ways which including pumping them up. “Like a marriage or relationship you have to constantly work on the foundations”

Photo by Kelly Huang on Unsplash

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