Join the Sales & Advertising Sessions @Radiodays Asia Virtual 2021

Radio Sales – Winning the Battle of Relevance with Agencies – Jamie Wood (Sales Director of Agency, ARN, Brisbane, Australia) With more than 7,250 different ways to advertise, ad agencies have more choice than ever about where to spend money for their clients. How does radio remain relevant to them? How do we retain ad revenue? Jamie Wood shares best practice from one of Australia’s biggest radio groups, with examples to make ad agencies love radio even more. Five Things We MUST Do in 2021 to Succeed in Direct Sales – Pat Bryson (Radio Sales Consultant, USA) How must we change our approach to clients post-pandemic? Our clients are facing challenges never seen before. How do we help them to recover revenue lost in 2020? What new skills must we acquire? It’s a new landscape in business today. We must prepare. This session outlines how to succeed in sales in 2021. How Podcasting Makes Money – Bryan Barletta (Editor, Sounds Profitable, USA) What are the ways podcasts earn money? How does podcasting’s ad-tech work? How is it different to radio and what are the opportunities? How Covid has Affected Markets – Jane Ractliffe (Managing Director, SMI, Australia) With insights from Standard Media Index’s monthly measurement data from various markets across the world, Jane Ractliffe will give a snapshot of how Covid affected advertising in 2020 and explain the outlook for 2021 as the world is expected to slowly recover from the pandemic. This is just a taste of some of the great sessions on offer at Radiodays Asia. See all of the sessions on the full programme! Register here today!

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