Mike & Vernetta – Gold 905FM

Mike and Vernetta on stage at Radiodays Asia – how they met, how they work together and how much they love radio.  Mike and Vernetta spoke about adding a new member to the team, Gurmit Ottawan Singh and what that means for the show.  Vernetta spoke about her start in the media, she was actually an intern on radio first and the she became part of the ‘Friends’ of Singapore. She is also a writer and discussed her journey so far. When she was asked about how she keeps going after 20 year on the radio she said, one is the audience, I can’t get through the morning without listening to you and also the amazing partnership she has with Mike.  Mike gave a potted history of his career, from MTV to Singapore. He mentioned that his TV career slowed down and that’s when radio came into his life. “I love being about to turn the mic on, it’s free form…something relatable”. Mike’s father was one of the most famous presenters in the world, Casey Kasem. Mike spoke about his life growing up with a famous father and his love of radio. Having a famous father has been a blessing and then also a barrier but growing up Mike’s father tried to keep things ‘normal’. Moving to Singapore put some distance between him and being the son of Casey Kasem and his huge success now makes that more in the past.  Vernetta spoke about the future and creating their podcast, reaching a bigger TA and pushing the boundaries. Their podcast has original music and this is making them a global show as they have a lot of overseas listeners.  What advice would you give an intern? “Don’t screw up” Mike Kasem, “When you agree to a contract stick to it” Vernetta (but the advice of Casey Kasem to Mike). They also said internships are one of the biggest opportunities, give them your best work ethic and example, show them your potential. “With radio keep honing your craft” Vernetta, enjoy the personality on stage, own it, be humble, allow yourself to be yourself, be yourself, you don’t have to be smartest, funniest and hopefully you have some talent and it will take you a long way. 

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