Opening Session

The opening session of the fourth Radioday Asia (RDA) conference took place on the 5th of September 2023 at 9:00a.m.  Since 2019, RDA has been the meeting point for all who aim to share and learn of radio, audio, and podcasting. Moreover, the position it holds in our future. To kick off the day of talks, YB Teo Nie Ching, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Communications and Digital, Malaysia shared a ministry welcoming speech. YB claimed that in this era of fake news, radio thankfully remains viewed as a trustworthy news source. Furthermore, how younger generations have joined the industry through podcasting. Sharing Malaysia’s RTM efforts,  61 FM transmitter sites have been upgraded under a current Malaysia project since 2019, and the project is now in the final phase. These efforts further substantiate how radio serves as an efficient disseminator of news to the society.

This fourth RDA welcomed successful producers, market experts, and opportunities to network with like-minded people to assist all in furthering their careers. Anders Held, Project Director and Founder of Radiodays Asia, shared, “The one idea behind RDA is to provide a platform for sharing ideas and promoting innovation.”

Olya Booyar, Head of Radio, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Malaysia shared that ABU’s partnership with Radioday has brought upon countless benefits to both organizations. Namely, the opportunity to combine resources, how each organization brings their own strengths, and provide their members with another world class radio conference. Ultimately, RDA brings together a large number of people with great expertise to discuss radio’s biggest challenges ever faced.

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