Podcasts Are Not an Audio-only Medium Anymore

Mae Mariyam Thomas, Maed in India, Shirley D’Costa, Kulfi Collective

Spotify and Youtube Music respectively have introduced video podcasts and RSS features for videos. A study done by Coleman Insights surveyed consumers about their perceptions towards podcast. 75% of respondents answered that podcasts could be defined as both audio and video. 

Video podcasts mean listeners get to put a face to the host and see their reactions. Just this year, Mae Mariyam hired a videographer for her podcast. It struck her that brands and business prospects demanded video, and this helped her realize podcasts are not just audio anymore. Shirley D’costa’s previous advertising experience has helped her gain an in-depth understanding of consumers in regards to their needs and wants, and the changing trends. 

Kulfi Collective does not create video podcasts, but Shirley D’costa acknowledges that the biggest audio competitor is YouTube. In India, music videos on Youtube are the most watched content. Globally, it has 2 billion subscribers. From a marketing perspective, it is crucial to ensure listeners are exposed to different mediums. Uploading podcasts on YouTube are mostly done from a marketing perspective, be it the thumbnail or the hidden geotags in the description. Pushing your content, such as those from audio-based platforms like Audible, out to a wider platform is sensible and the necessary step in reaching a wider audience.

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