Radio listening in Malaysia is still strong

95% of the Malaysian population listens to the radio at lease once a week – with most of the listening taking place in the car.

There are differing opinions on why radio is so popular, despite so many other digital platforms available to consumers with one view stating that Malaysia’s high vehicle usage and traffic jams might be contributing to to popularity of radio. Automotive expert and editor of (Drive Safe and Fast) Daniel Fernandez will be bringing insight on this and other in-car listening topics at Radiodays Asia in September.

Another speaker, Shah Hayatudin, a director at Media Prima Audio, has been cited as saying he thinks it is because many radio broadcasts have evolved to include web-streaming, podcasting and vlogging – appealing to an even wider audience. He said in an interview with Yahoo Malaysia earlier this year that “The younger generation, specifically, might not listen to you on radio but they do ‘watch’ you live on air via social media,” thus widening the appeal to listeners, and therefore the appeal to advertisers. He continued by saying, “Radio is a powerful platform. Listeners can engage with it actively, or passively by letting it run in the background. People also switch on the radio when they need information like traffic reports and the news in brief. Brands still choose to advertise on radio because the consistency (of mentions) creates awareness. It’s simplified exposure, and not in your face.”

The strength of radio listening in Malaysia has been backed up by the Radio Audience Measurement survey conducted by GfK, in partnership with Commercial Radio Malaysia, last year to collect valuable insight on radio listening in the country. GfK Malaysia’s Media Measurement Lead, June Pang, will be delivering up to the minute data on this topic when she speaks at Radiodays Asia in September.

Nasri Noran, President of Commercial Radio Malaysia, said about the survey findings in an article for GfK’s website this year:

“The results emphatically illustrate that  radio is far from being a fading medium; instead, it thrives in the digital age. Our increasing listener engagement and satisfaction rates are a clear indication of  radio’s undiminished relevance. This success is largely due to our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, diverse content that resonates with our audience.

 Radio’s adaptability, particularly through its integration with digital platforms, ensures that it continues to be a leading source of audio satisfaction. We at CRM are dedicated to continuing this legacy, reinforcing the fact that  radio is not dead but is an evolving and vibrant part of Malaysia’s media landscape.”

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