Radio: Where are you Women?

The world of radio is evolving, and women are at the forefront of this transformation. Andrea Ho, Discipline Lead of Radio and Podcasting at the Australian Flim Television and radio School (AFTRS) kicked off Track 2 by sharing her insights on the invaluable role women play in the radio industry.

Women are not only a rapidly growing audience but also a source of untapped talent for the radio industry. The audience have the world in their pockets, and the radio industry has to realise this as they will just go elsewhere if a business doesn’t appeal to them.

Diversity is the key to success. As businesses consider women On Air and in Leadership, they have more talent to choose from. We have our particular value on air, as listeners respond to personalities they can relate to, said Andrea. 

Andrea discussed several Hacks for the radio industry.


It is vital to track the number of women involved in various roles within the industry, from on-air talents to leaders. Besides, keep an eye on the content, including guests and experts invited and the music played. Recognizing who is commenting on what topics can reveal valuable insights. 

Think and Act Flexibly

It is important to create advantages for not just women, but for everyone. This can be fulfilled with the rise of remote working conditions, allowing industry players to work from anywhere they are. 

Use Technology

With the development of portable radio equipment, audio producers are no longer bound to a studio, which allows them to work remotely. 

Protect your Assets

A company should value their assets, or talents, especially their women leaders. If anything comes your way, stand strong and firm.

To create change, you need to make room in your heart for a future that is different than today, Andrea said. The ultimate strategy is to prepare for change and seek it with open arms, embrace it and fly

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