Radiodays Asia Virtual Programme Release

Radiodays Asia 2021 Virtual “The Sound Future of Radio and Podcasting” Online 24-26 March 2021 Preliminary Programme *in no particular order. More sessions and speakers to be added. Masterclasses will be held on the 26th on radio, journalism and podcast topics.   Audio Consumer Trends 2021 Tom Webster (VP Strategy and Marketing, Edison Research, USA) How are listeners consuming radio and podcasts – and what changes are we seeing in the US and in other countries? What might the future be for audio, and what are the opportunities for content-makers and creatives?   Radio Challenges 2021 Abraham Thomas (CEO, Big FM/Reliance Network, India) From the perspective of one of India´s largest radio networks, Abraham Thomas will share his views on the state of radio today and how the radio industry needs to get right to develop the radio and audio business.   Strategy for Commercial Talk Radio Greg Byrnes (Group Content Director, Nine Network, Australia) After buying some of Australia’s biggest talk radio stations, Nine Entertainment undertook a rethink of the programming and advertising strategies for these stations. When 2GB Sydney’s long serving, top rating breakfast presenter retired the company took a risk and decided to reinvent that program to attract a younger audience. Greg Byrnes will share insights into the programming and advertising strategies that Nine Entertainment is using to strengthen and refresh its talk formats.   Asian-Pacific Radio Summit  The Covid crisis has seen more people listening to radio, but shrinking revenue. What state is radio in and what will it take for radio to come out successfully post-Covid? What needs to change? Listen to this executive panel talk about radio´s way out of the Covid crisis.   Sound Advice for Powerful Radio Valerie Geller (President Geller Media, USA) From one of the world’s most recognised radio talent consultants, learn the three secrets of powerful radio broadcasting and make your radio show or podcast dramatically more successful. Singapore: Launching New Channels Loretta Lopez (PD, Money FM, Singapore), Jing Yun (Senior PD, Hao FM, Singapore) When SPH Radio Singapore gained two more radio licences, they studied the market to find the gaps and devise new formats. The result was a Chinese language station Hao FM and a business newstalk station Money FM. What was the strategy behind the formatting and the launch of these stations? How successful are they becoming in their third year of operation? Find out from two of the company’s format leaders as they take you inside the radio stations.   Profile: In Conversation with Christian O´Connell Christian O´Connell (Gold 104.3, Melbourne, Australia) Award-winning radio host Christian O´Connell talks about his move from Absolute Radio in the UK, to GOLD 104.3 in Melbourne Australia where he presents the number 1 FM Breakfast show.  He will talk about what makes great content, and where he gets his ideas.   Tech Overview: What´s New in Audio? What´s the latest technical developments in audio that you should keep an eye on? What´s new in apps, digital platforms, smart speakers and in-car audio around the world?   The Challenges of Disinformation during the Pandemic Marianna Spring (Reporter, BBC News, UK), Shruti Menon (Reporter, BBC, India) The spreading of “fake news” or disinformation on social networks is a growing challenge. In this session we will hear from Marianna Spring, specialist reporter covering disinformation and social media for BBC News, and from Shruti Menon, a reporter fact-checking disinformation about Covid vaccines in India. Both sharing advice from BBC´s Beyond Fake News project.    How Covid has Affected Markets Jane Ractliffe (Managing Director, SMI, Australia) With insights from Standard Media Index’s monthly measurement data from various markets across the world, Jane Ractliffe will give a snapshot of how Covid affected advertising in 2020 and explain the outlook for 2021 as the world is expected to slowly recover from the pandemic.   How Radio can Beat the Top 40 CHRisis and Connect with Gen Z Francis Currie (International Consultant, UK) International radio Consultant Francis Currie talks to some of the best programmers in the world about how turn around the global decline in 15-29 radio listening, and how to engage younger audiences with radio they actually want to listen to.   Tuning into China Tracy Ta (General Manager, Mindshare, China) In one of the world´s the world’s largest digital economies, online audio continues to grow at more than 30% year-on-year. With most listeners being under 40, online audio has never presented a bigger opportunity to tap into China’s largest spenders. Tracy Ta, will help you tune into China´s online audio market.   Radio Sales – Winning the Battle of Relevance with Agencies Jamie Wood (ARN, Brisbane, Australia) With more than 7,250 different ways to advertise, ad agencies have more choice than ever about where to spend money for their clients. How does radio remain relevant to them? How do we retain ad revenue? Jamie Wood shares best practice from one of Australia’s biggest radio groups, with examples to make ad agencies love radio even more.   Five Things We MUST Do in 2021 to Succeed in Direct Sales Pat Bryson (Radio Sales Consultant, USA) How must we change our approach to clients post-pandemic? Our clients are facing challenges never seen before. How do we help them to recover revenue lost in 2020?  What new skills must we acquire? It’s a new landscape in business today. We must prepare. This session outlines how to succeed in sales in 2021.   Focus: Japan – the Radio Landscape Miki Simiyushi (Tokyo FM), Guy Perryman (Inter FM, Japan) Where does radio stand in the Japanese media market? How do people listen and to what? What is the future of podcasting? Get some insights into the radio landscape of Japan.   Radio Update Asia This session will take you to some of Asia´s most vibrant radio markets to learn from successful radio networks in China, India and Malaysia.   Underserved Audiences: Boom Radio Phil Riley (Boom Radio, UK) While many radio channels are struggling to reach a younger audience, there are underserved audiences that could become loyal listeners. In the UK, Boom Radio, serving the “boomers”, is launched in February.  Here about a new “niche” station plans to become profitable.   How Radio Rose to the Coronavirus Challenge Ken Benson (P1 Media Group, USA) During the pandemic, radio delivered the essential news and information and so much more to listeners. This session will take you on a journey around the world highlighting some of radio’s most creative, innovative and best ideas from the “Coronavirus Radio Ideas” Facebook Group. With 3,000 members from 80 countries, the group shared hundreds of ideas spanning programming, promotion, marketing, sales, social media, podcasting during pandemic.   Talking Covid – the Personal Experience How has Covid affected the way we work and how we engage with audiences? Broadcasting from home, communicating with colleagues via screens? In this session we will hear from journalists and radio producers about their experiences and what innovations and changes in the way we work that are here to stay.   Malaysia: Radio Measurement & Trends in the Age of Covid How has radio listening changed during Covid? What can we expect to be lasting trends and what will change post-Covid?   Understanding Podcasting: The Global Podscape James Cridland (Editor, Podnews, Australia) Podcasting around the world. How do people listen to podcasts in different countries? What are the current trends? Ks podcasting a friend or foe to radio?       How Podcasting Makes Money Bryan Barletta (Editor, Sounds Profitable, USA) What are the ways podcasts earn money? How does podcasting’s ad-tech work? How is it different to radio and what are the opportunities?   Podcasting in Asia Ron Beatlong (Podcast Network Asia, Philippines), Anita Xou (Pod Fest China), Norman Chella (Podlovers Asia, Singapore) Discover what’s different in Asia, and where podcasting growing and popular already (and where it is yet to take off). Discover about podcast networks and why they’re important; and learn about different ways to grow revenue in South East Asia. Then, take a trip to China to discover how podcasts work there, and whether China’s experience in paid podcasts might mean a new future for the medium.   Australia: Collaborating to Grow the Podcast Industry  Rachel Corbett (Head of Podcast and Digital Content, NOVA), Henrik Isaksson, (Regional Managing Director, Acast), Corey Layton (Head of Digital Audio, ARN/iHeart, Australia) Podcasting is growing fast in Australia, and the industry is working together to ensure podcasting’s success. Discover how the country is collaborating as well as competing, how Australians are listening, and how it works with advertisers across audio to offer more opportunities.   Creative Podcasting: Fact and Fiction Nikesh Murali (Podcaster, Indian Noir, India), Anna Priestland (Podcaster and Writer, Australia) How can you “catch the ear” of your listener? What are good ways to write and produce podcasts to make them a real hit? The right creative treatment for factual and fiction podcasts as well as news reporting to keep your listeners subscribed and downloading.   Stories with Brands Remahtullah Sheikh (Producer, Pacific Content, Canada) What’s the right way to work on podcasts with clients – so you don’t just make long adverts? What should you think about when planning a show and pitching an idea? What makes brand storytelling work best? *The conference programme is preliminary and subject to change.  Sessions are presented in no particular order. The final schedule will be available closer to the event dates. More sessions and speakers will be added. On the third day, 26th of March, Masterclasses will be available on radio, journalism and podcast topics.        

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