Rise and shine with the best breakfast shows in Asia

The Breakfast Shows MALAYSIA JoHaRa Pagi ERA with Johan, Haniff & Ray, ERA, Astro As the number 1 radio network in Malaysia, Astro has been entertaining radio listeners with great content since 1996. With a weekly audience of 15.3 million weekly across its 11 brands, it’s unsurprising that one of its stable is Malaysia’s number one station of choice. Malay station ERA has a weekly reach of 6.7 million on radio and 4.5 million on social media. The brand is famous for playing only the best chart-topping hits of today for its target market of 10-29 year olds. Its popular breakfast show, JoHaRa Pagi ERA with Johan, Haniff & Ray, runs from 6am to 10am and has 3,440,000 listeners per week. It is presented by a comical trio: Johan, thought of as the backbone of the show, who is known for his creative jokes and wacky banter; Ray, loved for his infectious laugh and hilarious antics, who is also an Astro TV host and voice-over artist ; and Haniff, whose unique presenting skills are combined with sharp wit and spontaneous humour. With their riotous presenting skills and the latest music hits, it’s not surprising that the station’s mission is for this to be the funniest, most popular breakfast show in South-East Asia. SINGAPORE Muttons in the Morning, CLASS 95 FM, Mediacorp Mediacorp took eight out of the top ten spots in Singapore’s latest Nielsen Radio Diary Survey, conducted between September and October 2018, and of its stations, CLASS 95 was the top runner, clinching the top position in the biannual radio survey with a weekly listenership share of 18.8%. Having formerly been the number one English-speaking station, it is now the number one overall station in the first time of radio history as the only station to have over 800,000 weekly listeners. One of its most popular shows is Muttons in the Morning, presented by Vernon A and Justin Ang who brought the how to CLASS 95 after 10 years at pop music station 987FM. Running from 5am to 10am, the breakfast show is packed with tons of local content, commercial elements and all the big station promos are anchored on the morning drive time. Big personalities Vernon and Justin have a huge fan base and fill their show with games, spoof songs, movie parodies and competitions. Combined with its playlist of hit music, this show looks set to hold its top spot in the popularity stakes. INDONESIA Desta & Gina in the Morning, Prambors FM, Masima Radio Network Owned and operated by Masima Radio Network in Jakarta, Prambors is a commercial radio network that was started in 1971 and now has nine stations across Indonesia. Its aim was to play pop music to its target audience of teenagers and young adults, and it achieved cult status in the Eighties and Nineties. Its radio DJs, or known as Wadyabala Prambors, have always been young adults to keep the station’s style fresh and vibrant. Played in the morning from 6am to 10am, its breakfast show is Desta & Gina in the Morning (known as DGITM). Aimed at 15-29-year olds, the programme is known for playing the top international and domestic hits, as well as fun games, such as Gender War in which the presenters are pitted against each other in challenges. The presenting style of Desta and Gina, along with their sidekick Kenny, is as you’d expect from a trio of youngsters – energetic, loud and full of life, making it a fun, exciting show to wake up the youth of Indonesia as they head off to school and work. Find out more about the breakfast shows in Asia at Radiodays Asia Kuala Lumpur 2019, 27-28 August.

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