Session Spotlight: Audience trends and the changing landscape of podcast listening

Whether you are coming to Radiodays Asia to gain knowledge on content or commercial success, you will be interested in audience, whether it is how to get more or how to keep the one you have.  Who listens to your content can affect what you create, or how you create it and can definitely effect your income or recommissions.

We are delighted Kellie Riordan will be speaking at Radiodays Asia on the podcast market, taking in trends in consumption as well as delivering the results of an exclusive and comprehensive survey of the Australian Podcast Market, examined by Deadset Studios.

As a founder and director of Deadset Studios, the podcast production house that specializes in audio strategy and creative storytelling, Kellie has worked with a host of clients including the BBC, ARN, ABC, Pinna and iHeartRadio. Kellie was also the founding managing editor of ABC Audio Studios – the podcast unit at the ABC and is also host on the top-ranking leadership podcast ‘Curveball’.

Kellie says that although there are different markets there are many common learnings, and she will be breaking down the numbers to see who listens, where, how and why.

This is a must-see session if you are interested in analysing audience and Kellie is an enjoyable speaker – this will be her third Radiodays Asia as a speaker and her sessions are always highly rated.

Photo by Melanie Deziel on Unsplash

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