Technology and Innovation

We know from your feedback on the Radiodays Asia sessions that technology and innovation are should take up more space on the programme this year, and with good reason. As AI hits news headlines and makes jobs easier, scares some and excites others we need to know how to use it to our best advantage. Even actor and entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher has said “If you’re a company, and you’re sleeping on this, you’re probably going to be out of business.” With the news that his VC company has launched a $240million AI fund.

Last year one of our most popular sessions was from James Cridland, Editor of Podnews and Radio Futurologist, who was talking about cool new innovations like Spooler and Adori. You can read a summary of this session from 2022 on RadioInfo here.

Expect Radiodays Asia 2023 to be packed with sessions that you can learn from, whether you are hesitant and need reassurance on new tools you can use, or if you are confidently using ChatGPT in your everyday work.

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