The AI Challenge: from Mumbai to Beijing

Generative AI in Chinese Media

Zhou He Yang said round table is China’s most popular English radio and podcast program. So how do we use AI at CGTN radio? We use generative AI as a promo podcast, for example, why do we love dunhuang? Also, the second aspect is in graphic design as promo, such as audiobook podcast: books & beyond. we adopted AI in research, design, podcast, literally the whole bunch of processes. 

AI on radio

FlyFM embraced AI Technology by creating the first Malaysian AI Radio DJ. Aina Sabrina has her own workday shift, interacts with callers and runs contests. She is not fully automated and is run in real time backed by a full team. She was also created in partnership with a client, Calpis.

We also introduced aina into the social world as a virtual influencer. She has an AI cat named Motchi and her best friend is another AI named Aiman who is a music producer and they both have recently released the first AI song “Trust the code” by an AI in Malaysia. 

AI did make our life and work efficient and effective, however, there’re drawbacks of using AI as well. For instance, AI has inadequate opinions, unsatisfactory China-specific answers as well as the lack of human touch and empathy. 

In conclusion, AI in the radio industry fosters innovation, blending human creativity and AI’s accuracy to deliver engaging content, streamline operations, and enhance audience experiences, ensuring a bright future for broadcasting.

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