You have to find new clients…2021 is the year to rebuild!

It’s been quite a year! said Pat Bryson (Radio Sales Consultant, Bryson Broadcasting International, USA) but she noted “We are on the road to recovery and so are our clients”. But the radio industry needs to learn a few new skills: Working in a virtual world – All of a sudden we were surrounded by our family! We have to have good self-management, how do you plan the day, handle interruptions and isolation? Also, clients have to work in two worlds, bricks and mortar and the virtual world – are they set up to do ecommerce? How are they using their digital. Most importantly you have to find new clients, shift the emphasis to new categories – home was a huge new category! 4 types of new business – cold calls, leads, referrals and introductions! What’s your personal prospecting system? Think about is daily, weekly, monthly – systems, research and then call them! What do you do for the clients? Radio solves problems. Pat then gives you a call script…watch the session! You need a ‘customer needs analysis’, what has happened to businesses? Good questions help you do this..again Pat gives examples – Pat will send this information to you! Make sure client messages are relevant, customers mind set is changing from crisis to normal. We are here to guide clients through these times – how do we close the circle? Minimize pandemic fear, Pat said we tell stories about other clients. Shift focus by handling objections, real world examples were given. “2021 is the year to rebuild!” The End on a comprehensive story by Pat Bryson!

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