Your voice, Your story a podcast for China

There are many stereotypes of the Chinese.  The rich poor gap is currently growing in China since 2010, there is a debate in China over the class society. In peoples minds where you are from makes people judge each other. So how do you make people understand each other…Only when you tell stories. It’s very difficult in China to tell stories through the media as people don’t want to be on camera, the news is seen as untrustworthy and so Kou Ai Zhe created a podcast. “Your voice, Your story” is the slogan of the show most stories are made in a face to face interview. The podcasts are about 25 minutes as this is an average length of time for peoples lives, in the team there are two muscians who compose original music for the stories.  The advantage of a podcast in China is the anonimity which is important and this format instantly immerses the listener in the story. Issues in the podcast can also be controversial.  So what do Chinese people actually look like? Kou showed the real face of China; real, honest faces and stories from all areas of China and all social levels. There are now 700k subscribers and in 2018 they were one of the best podcasts in China so said the Apple chart.  Majority of audience 18-37 and are highly educated. This innovative podcast is being created by a fantasitc team dedicated to bringing people together to understand each other.   

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