A challenging year for all markets with Ad spend down

“The current year was challenging for all media markets around the world”.  Jane Ractliffe (Managing Director, Standard Media Index, Australia) Jane started with a positive message, Q4 picked up everywhere from Noverment, digital spend grew in all markets plus the US had the biggest growth. Each categorgy tailors there ad spend to the market they are in. The figures covered the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.  Jan to Dec 2019 vs Dec 2020 saw the larges decline in Anglo markets, ever seen which is unsurprising. The US was less affected 7%, Canada was the worst at 19% decline. There were differing trends within the media, digital took off up +4%, TV was back -13%, radio was included in other with a decline of 34% but this included was outdoor which was affected in all markets. Digital share was up in US & Canada, with large growth in Canada 53% this year. In Australia & New Zealand there is a large spend 24% on radio/outdoor. In Q4, agency spend grew by 5% but Canada is still struggling. Looking monthly year on year you can see the full effect of ad spend in April and May, this has slowly started to pick up. Ad spend trends by media, TV ad spend went up in Q4 in November as did radio. Digital spend has been double-digit growth. You can see across all platforms digital spend has grown, social media spend grew in US and in New Zealand. In the programmatic market, ad spend has grown in US and Australia – from Google’s programmatic market. Video and audio growth, with strong growth in the UK in audio. Categories have changed for examples pharmaceutical advertising in the US has pushed the growth here. Household supplies, services and food have also grown. Travel and cinema have gone down. Government ad spend has also been strong especially in Australia and New Zealand. A fantastic look at ad spend although a shocking year for all in radio in this area!    

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