Create a Sonic Personality for your brand

Creating advertising content that feels more like a programme is great in podcasting.  Ralf van Dijk, focused his presentation on branding “Brands have never had so many ways to reach audiences through their ears – from music streaming, podcasts, radio and smart speakers. But given audio is one of the most intimate forms of media, it’s not enough just to reach people; we need to move them.” Ralf spoke about the fight for the ear and how listeners have busy lives which mean they have even less time to listen.  He noted that new devices mean that listening habits are changing “So, audiences are moving to audio. And where audiences go, brands follow.” Brands need to think about more than just their logo, audio is so much more. Collaboration is needed between the creators of audio branding and the creators of visual branding.  Designing a sonic personality is important, things to remember are; the brand vocabulary (writing for the spoken word), the brand TONE of voice (authentic, spontaneous, conversational), Casting a consistent brand voice (actors not voice-overs) and Composing a brand anthem (well produced, distinctive). This triggers certain points for the listener and creates a personality for your brand.  Branded content needs to be for consumers, Ralf showed how this was done on Smart Speakers.  In conclusion he said that brands need to think about; their sound, the sonic personality, the audio brand rapport, adapt creative according to engagement, streaming needs to be sympathedic, and the podcast needs to feel like it belongs.  

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