Creating a Podcast where to begin, what’s in the middle & how do you end

I work for a company that was just a radio station…but it’s been a long time since any of us have been ‘just’ a radio company.  Tim Watkins, Executive Producer, Podcasts, Radio New Zealand, said podcasts are portable they are what you want and when you want it – you can be your own programme scheduler! He discussed the fact radio is best, live and in the moment but podcasts live in the now but they are made in a way that they can be listened too at any time, they have longevity.  He said one of the benefits of podcasts is the intimacy when listening, “podcasts are truly one to one” smart speakers are changing this but this intimacy means that the narrative is direct. He noted that podcast fans are intensely loyal becaue of intimacy.  Some notes from Tim on how to create a podcast: Talk normally, talk with me, check jargon at the door and plan your script. “Paint a whole landscape don’t sketch the lines” Tim explained to the audience the differeneces in producing a radio show verses a podcast. Structure is key to making the story hold together.  Tim said that you have to really think about the story you want to tell, not focus on a topic and “if you can’t get the characters you can’t tell the story”. Tim gave some fantastic examples of how to make a narrative podcast. And he tied up the narrative arch of his presentation which had a beginning, a middle and a satisfying end so in conclusion he said – the most importance part of creating a podcast is to find an audience which means having a good relationship with the podcast platforms. 

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