So what is a splinter brand?

Chris Stevens is a programmer from the United Kingdom, and Managing Director of Ignite Jingles, so what is a splinter brand? “It’s an extension of your main station.  You create it to extend the time listeners spend with your stations by offering them a different offering.  You can test new formats, or you can use it as a passion project for staff”, says Stevens. “They can be entirely sponsored, it’s great for smart speakers and phone apps, and they reward loyal audiences with additional channels.” Stations in the UK have created numerous splinter brands, ranging from era specific music stations (80’s & 90’s), through to pop up/event stations such as Christmas Radio.  But like anything new, there is a number of issues companies face with splinter stations. “There are increased costs, increased commitment, some confusion with your other stations, and if it’s successful there will be more competition that comes along”, adds Stevens. One of the themes to come out of Radiodays Asia 2019 is that it’s not simply about what you’re offering, but how you’re offering the content.  With the expansion of digital radio in some countries, and the increase of radio apps, the number of splinter/niche stations will continue to increase. If it keeps listeners listening to your brands, niche stations can only be a good thing.  

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