FOMO, Gold Fish & Being Relevant to Young People

If you need a step-by-step guide to getting young people Ken Benson, P1 Media Group can tell you how and he did at Radiodays Asia: #1 Be authentic – a true voice is a voice that gets to young listeners #2 Short attention spans – What was that? Be quick because you don’t have long #3 Extending brands – Your brand needs to be everywhere, on all platforms and in places you wouldn’t normally go because that’s where young people are going and it’s important to talk to them in a place and in a way they understand #4 FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – massive huge massive young people #5 Re-think revenue strategy – humans are like gold fish, to get to young audiences you have to get creative. That might mean that you advertise a radio show only on social media. #6 Social responsibility – young people love social responsibility and radio does a good job in this area Ken used a large number of clips to illustrate how different stations around the world talk to young people using each of the steps. He concluded that he thought it is possible to remain relevant to the young generation. 

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