Broadcast and Podcast two worlds converging

Podcast listening is growing.  Mitch Seacrett, Omny Studios spoke about the blurring of the lines between broadcasting and podcasting today. Broadcast shows which are now podcast shows – highly successful shows are now becoming podcasts only and these are more and more successful.  There is real dominance in Australia and Asia from Apple. That’s not to say radio is stronger than ever – 96% reach in Malaysia (GFK).  Radio’s biggest strength is listening in the car, 65% USA, 69% Australia but online listening is increasing in the car – 1% 2017 to 15% 2019. This is due to it becoming easier to listen to stream services in the car. Streaming services are coming which include the “Lean back experience” – Spotify with the ‘Car Thing’ & the ‘Drive’ playlist and Spotify Stations.  “In conclusion, podcast listening is becoming more habitual, Radio’s biggest strength is in the car but competition is coming and there has never been a better time to be a listener”.

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