Music radio is the ultimate companion for peoples lives

Music is the bricks of the radio format…or is it?  Music dominates the FM radio programme around the world: 68% Sydney, 82% Singapore, London Madrid. Music content peaks in the middle of the day in these markets with lower music content at breakfast and in drive.  A survey which focused on young peoples radio listening in Asia saw good levels in most of Asia though not so much in Indonesia. Radio listening increases with peoples age and life style choices.  AM/FM is the most common device, smartphone listening in Thailand and Vietnam is high. “Radio is a primary source for discovery of new music” in all markets. 74% of young people listen to Podcasts, 40% listening in every week. 77% of those surveyed listen to streaming services.  “Music radio is the ultimate companion for peoples lives”. The survey also showed that although music is important it’s the whole radio experience that makes radio special, it’s part of their lives, it’s an emotion and it helps set a mood for their day.  AI, biotechnology, music streaming with more variety – how could technology change listening habits? You can’t predict the future but technology will change listening but not as fast as you would think.  There are four unique listener types: Music discoverers (younger, motivated, strong TSL, daily streamers, paying for content), Content Lovers (males, equal music/creative content, less frequent streaming), Passive Listeners (female, over 30, equal music/content, high TSL, convenience, companion, slower to adopt technology) and Music Mainstreamers (music they know and like, curated content).  As people get older music discovery starts to dwindle – time/responsibility/curated content etc all have an impact in all types of radio listener.  The biggest advantage radio has is the songs and how these are put together, personalities…the sum of it’s parts it isn’t just the collection of songs was one experts view on why radio has an advantage over streaming services.  Can an algorithm replace a Music Director? Software, coding etc are becoming more advanced but don’t replace the human feel, emotion, sequence of songs even the weather and what is happening in the world around us can impact listeners.  Compelling content needs investment, “there is a future for music on radio”…but it isn’t the be all and end all.  The big learnings from this session for music radio are – Human curation, community connection, create mood, surprise & delight and lean back listening! – Curation, Insight, Passion. 

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