From Radio to Audio: Visual Audio

Pamela Cook spoke about the rebrand of SBS radio to SBS audio meant  the change from linear to multi-platform.

SBS Australia’s main goal is to provide multilingual and multicultural media that informs and educates, reflecting Australia’s own multicultural community. It began in 1975 as a need response to communicate government health insurance for migrants. From two small stations with only eight languages, SBS has evolved to digital platforms communicating in 60 languages.

Every 5 years, SBS carries out a strategic review to ensure their services reflect today’s Australia. The results show that the audience now is younger and digitally engaged. Thus, SBS had to invest in ways to increase prominence on digital platforms. For example, visualizing audio on third party platforms the way SBS chill can be listened to on SBS demand. Producers now consider compelling visuals which are critical to reach viewers on platforms like YouTube.

SBS content has upgraded to reflect the current audience needs. They have expanded their technology to give audiences more choices to read in more languages, personalized content, and accessibility to surf content.

Their goal is to disseminate Australian news and information for listeners to fully participate in Australian life. Besides this, give voice to marginalized communities to foster a sense of belonging. Lastly, to be a trusted voice in the heads, hearts, and hands of Australians. 

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