Creating Powerful Radio – and Beyond 

Valerie Geller said, “Tell the truth, make it matter, never be boring.” The industry is ever-evolving, but what we know now, content is king. The market is now saturated with podcasts causing an influx of content. This results in listeners having to sift through many to find the best for them. To stand out and create powerful radio means forming a bond with your listeners. 

Human connection and communication is essential and universal. The audience wants to be informed, entertained, inspired, persuaded and connected. Valerie Geller said, “This is why they put their finger on the button, and listen to you.” 

In radio, there are few focuses that always work no matter how global the audience is: Health, heart, money, transformative. As a storyteller, you must ask yourself, “How do you make someone care? How can you describe this more visually? How can you make it better?” Speaking both emotively and descriptively will effectively reach a large audience of both men and women.

Moving on, airchecking is when one listens back to themself on air, and thinks about the improvements needed to become a better communicator. “The ones you want to get into a five-hour long car journey with, those are the breakthrough stars.

She ended the session with advice to attendees. “Honor your listeners”, she shared how each listener should feel as if you are talking to them personally. Using ‘you’ to directly address your listeners helps form connections even with strangers. This allows listeners to say, “I don’t know you, but I feel like I know you.” Forming connections will build loyal listeners, who keep coming back and keep sharing with their friends. 

She shared the experience of someone making you laugh, feel touched and lifting you up, “That’s where the magic is. And that is radio.

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