Highlights from 2022: Making Social Media Work for your Podcast

Last year we welcomed Arielle Nissenblatt, Founder, EarBuds Podcast Collective, USA, is a podcast industry futurist and she spoke about how to best use social media to help more people find your audio and get closer to your audience.

The session was titled “Social Media – #winning for podcasting and audio”, and Arielle said that social media can be powerful, but one should use data and tracking to see how effective is it for your content. If it’s not working, let it be. She also stressed the importance of being active on social media, and also shared:

A big mistake that podcasters make is that they follow only other podcasters. You need to follow and quote other influencers in your niche, who are talking about the same things as you.”

She also discussed how not to use social media. Spamming your link, using only Apple podcasts link, changing your content’s appearance post to post, being everywhere all the time and irregularity should be avoided.

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