RCS: Radiodays Asia Global Platform Sponsor

We are delighted that RCS Sound Software are the global platform sponsor of Radiodays Asia this year and will be one of the main exhibitors.

The name RCS is synonymous with radio; they are the inventors of computerised music scheduling scheduler, Selector, as well as multiple award-winning products such as Zetta radio automation, GSelector music scheduling, Aquira traffic, the groundbreaking 2GO series of mobile solutions and The Zetta Cloud as well as the newest addition, Revma an affordable and complete streaming solution.

At Radiodays Asia 2022, Keith Williams, RCS VP Asia Pacific, kicked off Radiodays Asia by participating in the first round table discussion, he said during the session:

“Radio has succeeded to this point because of the content, nothing has changed about that, it is just that there are different means of delivery. Radio people are great at creating content. If I hear my radio stations in a car or at the mall we are winning, it makes no difference how that content is getting to those locations.”

We are looking forward to welcoming RCS to the Royale Chulan Hotel in Kuala Lumpur in September.

Read more about the opening session at Radiodays Asia 2022 at: 
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