Radiodays Asia 2023 Programme coming soon!

The first detailed programme for RADIODAYS ASIA will be published in June 2023. These are some of the main topics, in the form of questions, that Radiodays Asia will address in 2023:

What are the successful strategies for broadcasters and podcasters to grow audiences, trust and revenue? What works in different markets? What can we learn from overseas experiences in Australia, Europe and America? Collaboration or competition?

Is AI (artificial intelligence) a threat or an opportunity? How can radio and podcast creators use AI in new and innovative ways? Will it mean more competition? Will it change the way we work? Can we trust AI? How can innovative apps and new digital platforms be used to reach new audiences, to have them listen more and to make more revenue? How will the digital revolution of the car change radios standing?

How can you make your station more successful with clever marketing, using events, social media and building communities? How can you find new revenue streams, expanding your brand and business?

How do you find out what listeners want? What does it take to attract a younger audience? How do you connect with your audience?

What are the current trends in podcasting – in Asia and in the world? Will podcasting become as big in Asia as it is in America and Europe? What are the successful formats, how do you find an audience and how do you make money from your podcast? What is the difference between doing a radio show and a podcast?

How do you create innovative and appealing content every day? What can we learn from the most successful radio and podcast producers about storytelling, formats and what makes a good show? What tips and tricks can we learn from the best in the media that we bring back home to improve our work and content from day one?

How do we fight misinformation and keep high journalism standards in a world of social media, bots and deliberate manipulation? How can you professionally verify stories to make sure they are true? How do you build trust?

And much more… Make sure you don´t miss out!

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