Christian Schalt, RTL Radio

“With Artificial Intelligence (AI), everything is possible such as the use of Chat GPT and other generative AI,” Christian Schalt, from RTL Radio said.

“It is important to think about how artificial voices can add value,’ he said. Christian has shared a story about how their AI speech model cloned the voice of their popular anchor speaking in German and his mother couldn’t even tell the difference. ‘Cloned voice, we use this to sell radio spots. Now, it is a few million sessions per day that we can sell. Spotify also uses artificial voices to create additional value by combining it all together,” he said.

Starting from AI recording and production, such as adobe helps to improve the audio quality. AI is helping to produce more smart and efficient content. AI tools such as ChatGpt help to answer basic questions and give ideas. RTM utilizes these tools or AI forms to do basic work for them. This helps them to start their work from 30% instead of starting from scratch.

Christian introduces automated spot creation. It is the biggest potential that was used a lot in Germany, Sonicell. Within seconds, it generates three to five spots and you can twist, rewrite or change the music and even the tone of the voice. It is produced within seconds and affordable. 

Christian stated, “If you can clone anyone why don’t clone celebrities such as commercials using the voice of Tom Hanks. Audio now has more context and clients can target any audio that they are offering which further leverages the sales.”

With generative AI, it’s possible to add visuals and audio in real time. Together with Microsoft AI software,  it helps a lot for kids podcasts. It generates pictures that accompany the audio. “This adds context to your audio and visual context, it is also a big opportunity for digital revenue,” he added.

Christian concluded the session by sharing key topics to emphasize. “We should be expecting more synthetic voices and establishing corporate voices. It is to monetize new audio inventories and use more AI in routines especially if it’s integrated to the production software, music software or even Microsoft software,” he said.

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