Rapid Response Podcast 

Sam Bonhan, BBC, Vadym Miskyi, National Public broadcasting company of Ukraine

The Podcasts market has only been forming since mid 2021. 25% of the podcasts are dedicated to the war and there are 45 podcasts of different genres for different audiences ranging from children’s content to news. 

Running podcasts in Ukraine is extremely hard since the country is experiencing war and disruption such as destruction of TV towers, energy infrastructure and transmitters. This causes the power outage,  and constant blackouts. Resulting in cutoff of the internet and mobile connection. 

Mr. Vadym spent his time creating the podcasts’ 30% of the contents in the shelter basement. 

The information he provided helped millions of people fleeing from the war and Russian-occupied areas with the help of Coverage of Ukrainian radio.

And his podcast was awarded by the national podcasters prize “Slushno” as the best journalism. 

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