In China the audio experience has to be immersive

Online audio in China includes online radio, live broadcast, audio books & dramas and podcasts.  In China digital music isn’t included in this group. China’s online use has grown quickly with an increase of 18% from 2019 to 270m. The increase is small in comparison to WeChat which has 1.1bn users, TikTok 690m and Iquiyi and Weibo which both have 580m users. 79% are in the age group under 35 years old, the market is dominated by three main players Himalaya, LIZHI and Dragonfly FM with many small stations also. Tracy then give an overview of the top three stations and their strategies, she also showed the content types offered by each station. Other players include Dedao, Miss Evan, Kaishu Story and Kuwo Tingshu – all offering different content to a very diverse market. She said that it’s important in China to make your ‘Brand Voice’ heard. The first important consideration is a quality platform. In China consumers are willing to pay for high quality content – 76% of consumers have used paid for content. Top genres are classical opera and comedy, audio book and then news. “In China the audio experience has to be immersive” the whole audio experience is created end to end including the speaker offered. Young consumers gather off-line, “it’s important for brands to create a diversified audio experience” or harness the end to end experience. “Customize your brand according to the listening scenario” Tracy showed an example of how a brand in China did this as a clear way to Tune In!

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