Radio has immense power, the power to create milestone

Philo Gnanapragasm, Director, AIBD, Malaysia gave an address from Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development. AIBD are glad to have been able to invite all participants here today, Philo said she’s happy podcasting has been added to the title of the event this year as podcasting continues to grow worldwide. “Radio has immense power, the power to create milestone” said Philo. Radio is a very, very powerful medium it’s a companion, it has a wide reach and especially during the pandemic people were at home listening to radio. Misinformation has contributed to the way people are consuming media today and this has been a positive for radio. Radio had the power even before the pandemic to work remotely. “Radio programmers kept the content alive” Philo said that media groups have to understand the power of radio with music and words and that it is a powerful influencer!

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