Talk radio, you’ll love it!

Talk is our main game and what we do best was the opener from Greg Byrnes, Group Content Director, Nine Network, Australia. Opinions that matter, news, engagement ‘talk back’ and people who are passionate plus good story tellers. Nine Network has gone live and local about, this is engaging with people and communities. This brings intimacy in different settings. Another key element is an informative stations, “At a time of crisis people turn to talk radio”. Companionship, sharing moments 24/7, the audience can rely on us was a fantastic point made by Greg about building a loyal audience. Greg went on to give an overview of the talent on Nine Network and what makes them the best. He also gave his insights in what needs to happen to keep the station ‘Brand Safe’ for advertisers. Greg said that the station has specifically moved towards greater equality bringing in more female presenters. The strategy of finding the next show host is important. Who is listening to Nine Network? Greg showed a station promo video for the station – worth a watch! There is a clear plan on the network to target the 35-65 year olds. They are ‘cashed up’ and they care and they are engaged in the community.  46% of listeners are exclusive to the network, 14% growth in the number of listeners! 15% of audience listen by mobile device, mobile content that’s live. Across the digital networks there is similar growth to the traditional broadcast platform. 2.4m app downloads especially for catch up business & finance key genres. Prime time is 7 days a week, the weekends are important and weekends are about lifestyle. Topics which interest listeners and advertisers – gardening, health etc “Talk radio, you’ll love it!” Was the closer from Greg…

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