India has the fastest growing podcast listenership in the world

Podcasting in India: A Growing Industry with Untapped Potential with Mae Mariyam Thomas, Journalist and Podcaster, “Maed in India” “India has the fastest growing podcast listenership in the world, and you won’t believe who’s number 1, Turkey!” It’s estimated that the listenership could grow to 176M by 2023.  Mae talked about how the podcast market and how and who are in the Indian market. Indian’s listen to the basic ABCD – A for Astrology, B for Bollywood, C for Cricket and D for Devotion. It’s different in podcasting with Indian’s loving storytelling so along with the traditional listening there is also a wider offering and listener base. Gen Z listeners listen to at least 5 podcast genres regularly (Spotify research). 77% of Indians listen to podcasts on their mobile devices. News podcasts are big and have huge listenership over 100m. The podcasting offering is large and growing however Mae feels that there is more to be done in India. She went on to say that she has created a company to offer a full service to podcasts and podcasters. “Right now is such an exciting time for podcasting in India…we are at a crest of a wave…there are so many unheard stories and voices and podcasts are ideal”.

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