Radio needs to keep creating touch points you have to transcend radio

Finance to music the diversity of radio in Singapore! Loretta Lopez, Money FM and Jing Yun, Hao FM started by discussing the difficulties of setting up a station and the imaging of a new station. Jing Yun said the most difficult part was personally for her and what should the logo look like for an older listener station. Hao means good in Manderian and thinking about where listeners are in life ‘Good’ was the right fit. Loretta said when she arrived Money FM was already set up her challenges was attracting the right talent, this involved a lot of training to immerse the whole team in the financial markets, that was challenging. Getting the team to work together is also part of the daily challenge but Jing felt this was a strength of radio “All the creatives coming together”. After 3 years Loretta said that creating podcasts from the content is compelling, interest and people want to listen again. Jing noted that the very specific music content, playing the not radio play B side songs really is a big attraction to listeners. The team also started sing-along sessions, this was done island wide. The challenge of building a music station was getting that music choice right for the listener. Loretta said what they learnt was trying to sustain a four-talk hour show, this was lowered to three hours which made the show sharper. Jing said that their listeners are now more digitally knowledgeable and it’s about trying to keep to keep them vibrant so the team has to adjust to social media. How do you keep listeners active on social media. Hao FM mini concerts are a big part of the social media strategy. Loretta Lopez “Radio needs to keep creating touch points you have to transcend radio” Both agreed Covid-19 has forced both stations to think differently, with more virtual webinars on Money FM. Teams had to learn fast how to run these events. “The fundamental will never change, companionship, I think that’s radio…the relationship between the presenters and the listeners” Jing Yun, Hao FM The final thoughts from Loretta Lopez and Jing Yun were on the future of radio in a not to be missed session!

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