Interactive Car Dashboards and New Revenue Streams

‘I was in the office in New York, it’s about a catastrophe that’s going on. Hundreds of stations, my customers are saying that their songs are disappearing in front of their eyes. Station after station, they see their audio file disappearing. It is infected by a virus and it took them 72 hours with a team of 15 people, 6 engineers to turn it off and bring back the stations,’ Philippe Generali, the CEO of RCS said. 

The good news is they have a solution which is with their system, RCS Disaster Recovery. Progressing forward, they created the audio display. This new service allows people to have a proper display on the car’s dashboard. 

The display will work with RCS, allowing people to develop new revenue streams by allowing granular management of text and image advertising content delivered in sync with the audio. 

During the commercial break, you can display advertisers and have a sponsor to buy the commercials during the commercial break. 

An audio display is a good way to display revenue. ‘Remember to look as good as you sound in the car,’ Philippe said.

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