Participant survey: Top scores for the first Radiodays Asia!

The participants of Radiodays Asia have given their verdict about the event in the post-event survey: On a 1-5 scale (5 being the highest score) 93% gave the event 4 or 5! On average, participants rated Radiodays Asia 4,25 which is an exceptionally high satisfaction score. ”A breakthrough event in Asia”, “Fantastic”, “Inspiring”, “Great event” and “Feeling more optimistic, motivated and full of ideas” were some of the comments from participants.  In the survey attendees could rate different aspects of the conference and exhibition, and the “Quality of the content” and “Useful ideas for you” all scored equally high. The high satisfaction score makes the first Radiodays Asia a true a success and a good platform from where to grow, improve and build an even larger and better professional radio and audio event in 2020 for Asia-Pacific. People also liked the venue, Hotel Istana, and Radiodays Asia will be held there again in 2020. 89% of those attending the first year said they are likely to come back again next year. The survey also gave feedback on the different sessions and speakers. All feedback, good or bad, is extremely important to help improve the event and make it even more relevant next year. 300 pax attended the first Radiodays Asia, representing 150 different organisations from 30 countries. For next Radiodays Asia 400-500 are expected to attend the 2-day 2-track event in KL.

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