Digital radio development in Asia right now

Rosemary Smith, Project Manager, WorldDAB gave the presenation on behalf of Joan Warner, Commercial Radio Australia on  Digital development in Asia right now. 10 years ago there were 4 DAB markets in Europe. Today however, there are more than 70,000 DAB+ transmitters and most cars are fitted with DAB+ receivers. Around the world there are more public and commercial broadcasters participating in trials than ever before. DAB+ in Asia Pacific is running trials in Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, China, New Zealand and Australia, these pilots are being run with commercial and public broadcasters working together. “All these markets are looking for high quality, low cost receivers and WorldDAB is working with them to deliver this”. A recent study in Australia states there to date 52m DAB receivers have been sold in this market, there are 4.2m listeners and DAB receivers are in over 70% of new cars. The commercial benefits of DAB+ offers a bonus audience, the ability to target niche audiences, brand extensions can be monetised and DAB+ allows stations to experiment with fresh new channels to compete with Spotify and Apple Music. It is a much more efficient use of spectrum. Rosie also shared that “Satisfaction with DAB+ is extremely high”. In Australia, 84% of people said they would recommend digital radio to family and friends. “If you want to improve the free to air experience for your listeners, the answer is simple, invest IN DAB+”. DAB improves listener experience and makes the radio buying experience easier through automated holdings as well as providing deeper insights by enhancing audience measurement. WorldDAB is here to help guide the transition to digital broadcasting, ”The actions we take now will enhance our future and ensure our success”. Author: Kim B

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