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Radiodays Asia Virtual Day 1 – Wednesday 24th March 10.00-10.30 Welcome to Radiodays Asia 2021 – Ezra Zaid (Host and Journalist, Malaysia) Audio Consumer Trends 2021 – Tom Webster (VP Strategy and Marketing, Edison Research, USA) 10.30-11.20 Radio Challenges 2021 – Abraham Thomas (CEO, Big FM/Reliance Network, India) Asian-Pacific Radio Summit Strategy for Commercial Talk Radio – Greg Byrnes (Group Content Director, Nine Network, Australia  11.30-12.00 Singapore: Launching New Channels – Loretta Lopez (PD, Money FM, Singapore), Jing Yun (Senior PD, Hao FM, Singapore) How Radio Rose to the Coronavirus Challenge – Ken Benson (Partner/Co-Founder, P1 Media Group, USA) 12.00-12.30 Christian O’Connell – How to Make it Small in Radio – Christian O’Connell (Gold 104.3, Melbourne, Australia) with Jack Post 12.30-13.00 Podcasting in India: A Growing Industry with Untapped Potential – Mae Mariyam Thomas (Journalist and Podcaster, “Made in India”, India) Tech Overview: What´s New in Audio? – Jaime Chaux (Head of Digital, Commercial Radio Australia, Australia) 12.30-13.00 – Meet up – Join one of the break out groups to talk with other attendees. 13.00-13.45 Sound Advice for Powerful Radio – Valerie Geller (President, Geller Media, USA) The Challenges of Disinformation during the Pandemic – Marianna Spring (Reporter, BBC News, UK), Shruti Menon (Fact checker, BBC News Online, UK) 13.45-15.10 Building the Future of Radio’s Business Model – Brian Gallagher (CSO, SCA, Australia), Pete Whitehead (CCO, ARN, Australia), Peter Charlton (CEO, NOVA, Australia) Tuning into China – Tracy Ta (General Manager, Mindshare, China) Focus: Japan – the Radio Landscape – Miki Simiyushi (Radio/TV Host, Interviewer, Narrator, Writer, Tokyo FM), Guy Perryman MBE (Inter FM, Japan), James Ross (HK, China) 15.10-16.00 – Meet up – Join one of the break out groups to talk with other attendees.  To hear these and many more great speakers, join Radiodays Asia Virtual today! Radiodays Asia Virtual Day 2 – Thursday 25th March 10.00-11.20 Introduction to Day 2 – Ezra Zaid (Host and Journalist, Malaysia) Radio Measurement & Trends in the Age of Covid: Malaysia – Lee Risk (Commercial Director, Media A-P, GfK, Malaysia) Australia – Deb Hishon (Media Measurement Director ANZ, GfK, Australia) How Radio can Beat the Top 40 Crisis and Connect with Gen Z – Francis Currie (International Consultant, UK), Gemma Fordham (Head of Content, Hit Network, Australia), Alex Agishev (Head of Content, Virgin Radio Dubai) and Lawan (Lina) Chumsay Na Ayudhya, (General Manager, Tero Radio Company Limited, Thailand) 10.30-11.15 Talking Covid – the Personal Experience Radio Update Asia 11.30-12.00 How Covid has Affected Markets – Jane Ractliffe (Managing Director, SMI, Australia)  Radio Sales – Winning the Battle of Relevance with Agencies – Jamie Wood (Sales Director of Agency, ARN Brisbane, Australia)   12.00-12.30 Five Things We MUST Do in 2021 to Succeed in Direct Sales – Pat Bryson (Radio Sales Consultant, USA)   Underserved Audiences: Boom Radio – Phil Riley (Broadcaster, Broadcaster, Boom Radio, UK) 12.30-13.00 Meet up – Join one of the break out groups to talk with other attendees. 13.00-13.20 Understanding Podcasting: The Global Podscape – James Cridland (Editor, Podnews, Australia) How Podcasting Makes Money – Bryan Barletta (Editor, Sounds Profitable, USA) 13.20-13.45 Podcasting in Asia – Ron Baetiong (Podcaster & Entrepreneur, Podcast Network Asia, Philippines), Anita Xu (B2B Content Marketer, Pod Fest China), Norman Chella (Chief of Business Development, Renegade Radio & Podlovers Asia, Malaysia) 13.45-14.30 Australia: Collaborating to Grow the Podcast Industry – Rachel Corbett (Head of Podcast and Digital Content, NOVA, Australia), Henrik Isaksson, (Regional Managing Director, Acast, Australia), Corey Layton (Head of Digital Audio, ARN/iHeart, Australia), Tanya Nolan (Head of Audio News, ABC, Australia) 14.30-15.30  Creative Podcasting: Fact and Fiction – Nikesh Murali (Podcaster, Indian Noir, India), Anna Priestland (Podcaster and Writer, Australia), Jon Manel (Podcast Commissioning Editor, BBC World Service, UK) Stories with Brands – Remahtullah Sheikh (Producer, Pacific Content, Canada) 15.30-16.00 – Meet up – Join one of the break out groups to talk podcasting with other attendees. *The conference programme is preliminary and subject to change. This is just a taste of some of the great sessions on offer at Radiodays Asia. See all of the sessions on the full programme! Register here today!

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