RCS Academy- How to Distinguish Your Career

RCS Academy is a collection of self-paced online courses, including GSelector Certification and Zetta Certification, that will guide users of all knowledge levels so that they have a complete understanding of how to use each RCS product. For beginners, there will be clear descriptions of each section and a breakdown of every icon, intermediate users will understand the “how’s” and “why” functionalities and for advanced users, we’ll take a deep dive into almost every section of the software to discuss features that they may not have seen or demonstrate real-life examples on how to interpret the software. Each program is broken down by courses, showcasing certain aspects of each software. First, users will be introduced to self-guided videos describing the specific section of the software and then a follow up Knowledge Check to make sure the user has properly digested the material. If you find yourself failing that section of the Knowledge Check, it’s an indication that perhaps the user should re-watch the previous video. As users progress through multiple sections, at the end of each course, users will take a Final Quiz in order to pass the course and continue to the next part of the Certification Program. Since these Certification Programs are featured in universities, colleges, schools, and businesses, users are forced to navigate throughout each course and cannot simply press play and walk away. Each question, answer, Knowledge Check, Final Quiz and Final Exam are all randomized so that no two users can take the same Certification Program. For example, one user may have Question 1 with the correct Answer B, whereas for another user, Question 1 becomes Question 5 and the correct answer is now D. At the end of all the courses, a user must pass the Final Exam, a collection of all the Knowledge Checks and Final Quizzes. Users MUST pass the Final Exam in order to complete the Certification Program and become certified on that RCS product. Certification questions range from True/False, Multiple Choice or Select All That Apply. Because the goal is for users to gain product knowledge and pass the course, we made a point to guide these quizzes so that the user will better understand the desired product or workflow, sometimes using real life examples as questions. In doing so, questions are arranged as to not trick the user into incorrect answers, rather encourage them to think about product concepts and workflow locations. Upon completing the Certification Program, users will receive an RCS shipment, including an RCS Product Certified pin, a signed completion letter by RCS CEO Philippe Generali and other goodies. User can then add “RCS Product Certified” on their resumes and they’ll be able to opt into a “Master Certification List” for employers to find or confirm power users. Feel free to promote your success on LinkedIn or email signatures with Product Certification badges. As we continue to write more Certification Programs based on other RCS Products, users can head to our RCS Academy website for updates.  

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