Radio is still popular in the car but in car is a popular space

There is one big black hole in the Google universe and that is what is happening in the car. The car is the last opporunity to engage with consumer – that’s why radio is so important today (50% of radio listening is in the car today).  Apple and Google original had a HMI which didn’t quite work and so now in later versions they have much better HMIs. The big companies have no idea what a native auto experience is right now for Google and Apple.  Android is coming into to the car seperate from Android Car Play. Digital assistants are also coming into the car and voice control is more developed in the area. Car makers are trying to create ‘Hey BMW’ but the in car experience is different from the phone experience or the in home device.  Large screens are coming into the car and also coming is driver monitoring! 2D, 3D and Micro Motion. This looks at attention, indentity, mood detection, ‘forgotten baby’ and then audience measurement. And this is how it will impact radio.  The car as a browser is also coming and this is something which radio broadcasters need to be considered.  People are universally connecting their deviced in the car especially in China.  Traffic, AI, Location based 5G concepts, in-vehicle streaming, Slingbox in the car – TV in the car! Streaming is coming into the car.  Roger said in conclusion that infotainment (radio) is big business in the car. Radio plays an essential role and remains dominant, though at risk. “Digital radio ‘makes radio searchable’ that’s a game changer” digital radio levels the playing field and is the future for radio in the car. 

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