Keep radio in the car in the future

We need to defend radio in cars, we need new interventions for radio.  Michael Hill, Radioplayer discussed what we need to do to keep radio in the car in the future. He gave a very clear list of how broadcasters can work together with the car industry: work together, be well funded but not for profit, provide quality meta data, have good design and technology capabilities, have a vision for the future with open standards.  Car radios look complicated and old, Radioplayer has created a reference radio to give the car companies an example of what radio could look like – the best of radio visually, audibly and for the car.  Mike said, we have to give car companies meta data to make radio look good in the car. He explained how service followin works in the new Audi e-tron – automatically changes from FM to DAB for a seamless radio experience in the car.  Innovations – radio broadcasters have to be clear about what the future of radio is which could be enhanced visual, personalisation and more. Broadcasters should build their own source platform to compete with other platforms – Martin Koch was discussing what car manufacturers what from the broadcast industry. 

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