Gen Z & Millennials in radio measurements

Which generation is the most vocal about positive and negative experiences?  Deb Hishon, GFK gave a presentation on the differences in the generation in radio listening, brands and presenters.  Radio continues to dominate the audio landscape. Deb said under 35s can contribute up to 50% of weekly listening, they are influenced by radio and 2 out of 3 connect via other platforms.  She showed that due to changes to a stations music, platform and style you can increase your audience share in different generations.  In collaboration with CRM, GFK is evolving the measurement currency in Australia. How can GFK change the gathering of radio audience data bringing together a hybrid tool which can be used in other markets.  RAM hybrid is calibrated RAM, Holistic RAM and Streming RAM. GFK has a watch, iOS and Android app and streaming data – this gives all the pieces of the puzzel. This is currently a small project.  GFK is now running a super pilot – nationally with a wearable metre, app, diary, streaming data and statistical modelling.  She concluded the importance of remembering under 35’s and that measurement is key.   

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