Radio, the driver and why you need to keep the radio on

This session was presented by Nick Piggott, RadioDNS and Yann Legarson, Radoplayer.

“Radio is very important in the car,” said Nick Piggott, the project director of RadioDNS.

Radio and IP Integration

Nowadays, in the radio world, radio and IP are integrated. The hybrid broadcast combining traditional FM radio with IP (Internet Protocol) streaming would switch for the listeners seamlessly between FM and Internet streaming, depending on listener preference and network availability. It can make the audience switch between FM and IP.

Global Expansion

The radio industry can collaborate with other radio stations and podcasters worldwide to reach a global audience. We need to keep radio simple but not complicated, such as creating a platform so that the radio content can be easily shared and accessed internationally across language barriers.


Continuously innovate by exploring emerging technologies (such as AI-powered content recommendations, interactive features and virtual reality experiences) to keep audiences engaged and entertained.


The radio industry needs to work with the country and another podcaster in other countries and don’t do it alone. You can go to the globe and build digital radio because it can work everywhere. We need to stop thinking about competing in the world. Instead of competing, collaborate with other radio stations and digital media platforms to offer diverse content. It can attract a broader audience and benefit all parties involved.

Manufacture Series Radios

Work with car manufacturers to integrate your radio technology directly into their cars, making it an integral part of the car’s entertainment system. You can encourage drivers to install a radio app in their cars so that they can listen to the radio. Allow drivers to connect their devices to the car to ensure that every car has a radio connected with their app so they can turn on the radio to listen to the broadcast with the push of a button. 

Statistics for Listeners

Providing listeners with more statistics about the content they’re consuming can be achieved through analytics tools. You can offer data like playtime, popular segments, and listener demographics to content creators and advertisers. You need to think about the future and advance with the times so that the radio industry can provide concepts and services and be sure all the voices and systems in your market are as usual.

According to Nick Piggott, the cost for the radio industry is not really expensive, but you need to think about how to develop the radio industry.

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